Colloque – 5-6/02/2015 – Early Modern Sovereignties. Theory and Practice of a Burgeoning Concept in the Netherlands

Although sovereignty is often dealt with in articles and books on early modern political thought, there is no comprehensive historical study of sovereignty in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when the idea itself took shape. Most studies focus on particular (often recurring) authors, such as Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes, or peculiar aspects, such as the division of sovereignty. What is conspicuously absent, moreover, is a fullfledged account about the ideas on sovereignty as developed by the fellows of the School of Salamanca – or the Spanish Scholastics as they are called otherwise. Although it is strongly questioned to what extent one could speak of a ‘school’, these authors could be seen as constituting a particular group in that they all used Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae as point of departure to develop a theory of the state. They had a lasting influence and inspired the work of, among others, the 17th century Jesuits, Grotius and Hobbes.

Comité organisateur :

Prof. Erik De Bom (KULeuven)

Prof. Werner Thomas (KULeuven)

Prof. Randall Lesaffer (Tilburg University)

Inscription : lectio(at)kuleuven.

Lieu et dates :

5-6 février 2015, Louvain (Belgique)

Irish College, Janseniusstraat 1

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