Colloque – 30/03/2017-02/04/2017 – Annual Meeting of the RSA

Annual meeting of the RSA, Chicago
Sessions organisées par le GEMCA

Lieu: Chicago (USA)
Dates de l’évènement: 30/03/2017-02/04/2017

Sessions organisées par le GEMCA :

A Reassesment of the Impact of Scholasticism on Literature and the Arts
Agnès Guiderdoni : Emblematics in the Light of Scholasticism
Aline Smeesters : Natura between representation and theorization in Early Modern times
Ralph Dekoninck : Jesuit Art and Image Theory, Between Rhetoric and Philosophy

Heresy and Heterodoxy I: Visual Definitions

Birgit Ulrike Münch : Lutheranism as Heresy: Thomas Murner and Religious Polemic of the early 16th C.
Nicole Bensoussan : Heresy and the Theatrics of Subjugation in Late Renaissance Art
Walter S. Melion : “Haeretici typus, et descriptio”: Heretical and Anti-Heretical Imagemaking in Jan David S. J. ‘s Veridicus Christianus

Heresy and Heterodoxy II: Images

Ingrid Falque : The Afterlife of the iconographical programme of Henry Suso’s Exemplar in the 15th and 16th century
Morton Steen Hansen : Lotto’s Heresy
Tanya J. Tiffany : Divine Consecration or Demonic Possession:  Estefanía de la Encarnación and Miraculous Images in 17h-C. Spain

Heresy and Heterodoxy III: Topographies and Geographies

Bret L. Rothstein : Luca Pacioli’s Aesthetics of Error
Lee Palmer Wandel : Paths, Itineraries, and Descriptio of Creation
Ruth S. Noyes : Si scusano, che da Roma vengano le stampe: virtual geographies of the heterodox [im]prints c. 1600

Magnificence in the 17th century: the adaptation of a classical discourse

Alessandro Metlica : Theorizing the sublime or the magnificent? The debate on poetry in 1620’s and 1630’s France
Caroline Heering : Visible signs of piety: gift and magnificence in baroque Jesuit spectacle
Anne-Françoise Morel : Building for God, the patron or the devotee:  a religious interpretation of magnificence and decorum

Staging the gift-giving. Visual and textual representations of artistic donations in early modern period

Gwendoline de Mûelenaere : Images of power. Depictions of diplomatic donations of works of art in early modern Europe
Mathilde Bert : The ‘strange magnanimitie’ of artists : Gifts of works of art in early modern painting
Lise Constant : The gift of devotion. Representations of donations to and of miraculous statues of the Virgin

Source de l’info : GEMCA

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