Publication – Lux Librorum: Essays on books and history for Chris Coppens

Goran Proot, David McKitterick, Angela Nuovo and Paul F. Gehl (eds.), Lux Librorum: Essays on books and history for Chris Coppens, Vlaamse Werkgroep Boekgeschiedenis, 2018

Date de parution : Décembre 2018

ISBN : 9789082927603

Contient  :

David McKitterick • Preface

Bram Caers & Linda Fonteyne • Bibliography Chris Coppens

Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni • The Cartolari family from Perugia: From paper sellers to publishing house

Angela Nuovo • Transferring humanism: The edition of Vitruvius by Lucimborgo de Gabiano (Lyon, 1523)

Kevin M. Stevens • Publishing and piracy: A case study of Giovanni Cefali’s Consiliorum (1562/1563)

David McKitterick • John Christopherson, humanist and benefactor

Giles Mandelbrote & Goran Proot • Prices for Spanish and Latin books published by Martinus Nutius I, ca. 1558

J. Christopher Warner • Quaestiones theologicae, theses sacrae, and some conjectures about the Masius family

Paul Needham • Four incunables brought to the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Noël Golvers • The Officina Plantiniana in Antwerp as provider of books for the Jesuits in Early Qing China (1616/1617)

Paul G. Hoftijzer • An eighteenth-century Danish-German book collector in Leiden: Christianus Carolus von Neumann (ca. 1695-1760) and his Bibliotheca Musaeana

Paul F. Gehl • A scholar-librarian collects: Hans Baron at the Newberry Library

Adriaan van der Weel • Where will the digital turn in reading take us?

Index of names and places