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Publication – Catheline Périer-D’Ieteren et Ivo Mohrmann (éds.), Le Retable de la Passion de Güstrow. Étude historique et technologique

Catheline Périer-D’Ieteren et Ivo Mohrmann (éds.), Le Retable de la Passion de GüstrowÉtude historique et technologique, Bruxelles, Editechnart, 2015.

 256 pages
148  illustrations couleur,
Langues : français et allemand.
ISBN 97894613604.
Prix : 55€

gustrow f-page-001

Cet ouvrage est la première monographie consacrée au retable brabançon de la Passion du Christ de l’église Notre-Dame de Güstrow, œuvre prestigieuse et pourtant méconnue. A doubles paires de volets (sculptés et peints) ce retable constitue un des rares témoins conservés de ce type de mobilier liturgique illustrant le savoir-faire des ateliers bruxellois au XVIe siècle. Les sculptures polychromées sont  attribuées à  la célèbre dynastie des Borman , un soldat portant la signature de Jan Borman , tandis que les peintures sont données à des maîtres de l’entourage de Bernard Van Orley.

L’étude préalable à l’intervention de restauration menée par une équipe internationale de chercheurs et restaurateurs belges et allemands a permis de réunir un important matériel inédit. Ainsi l’histoire de l’ensemble  des restaurations antérieures et la personnalité du restaurateur Alois Hauser l’Ancien ont été précisées. Les attributions ont été réexaminées à travers une étude approfondie  du style et des techniques d’exécution des sculptures comme des peintures. Des informations essentielles et inattendues sur la genèse des compositions et  sur les collaborations entre peintres sont apparues suite à l’examen en réflectographie infrarouge des volets peints réalisé par la Hoschschule für Bildende Künste de Dresde. Enfin l’étude dendrochronologique a remis en question la datation de 1520-22 traditionnellement acceptée, ouvrant par là de nouvelles pistes de réflexion.

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Publication – Helmer Helmers, The Royalist Republic. Literature, Politics, and Religion in the Anglo-Dutch Public Sphere, 1639-1660

Helmer Helmers, The Royalist Republic. Literature, Politics, and Religion in the Anglo-Dutch Public Sphere, 1639-1660, Cambridge, CUP, 2015.

  • ISBN: 9781107087613
  • Pris : £65 (Hardback)

In 1649, Charles I was executed before Whitehall Palace in London. This event had a major impact not only in the British Isles, but also on the continent, where British exiles, diplomats and agents waged propaganda battles to conquer the minds of foreign audiences. In the Dutch Republic above all their efforts had a significant impact on public opinion, and succeeded in triggering violent debate. This is the first book-length study devoted to the continental backlash of the English Civil Wars. Interdisciplinary in scope and drawing on a wide range of sources, from pamphlets to paintings, Helmer Helmers shows how the royalist cause managed to triumph in one of the most unlikely places in early modern Europe. In doing so, Helmers transforms our understanding of both British and Dutch political culture, and provides new contexts for major literary works by Milton, Marvell, Huygens, and many others :

  • Presents a wide range of previously unknown Dutch sources central to the study of English Civil War history and literature that adds considerably to our understanding of British and Dutch political culture in this period
  • The first book-length investigation of the impact of English and Scottish royalism on the continent, giving a new perspective on Anglo-Dutch relations in the seventeenth century
  • Offers a new transnational and interdisciplinary approach to early modern political literature and propaganda

Site de l’éditeur : Cambridge University Press

Publication – Aleksandra Lipińska, Moving Sculptures

Aleksandra Lipińska, Moving Sculptures, Southern Netherlandish alabasters from the 16th to 17th centuries in Central and Northern Europe, Leiden, Brill Publishers, 2015, XXII-385 pages.


ISBN13:  9789004270930
E-ISBN:  9789004277083
ISSN: 1872-9932
Prix : €110

The Low Countries are generally considered to be the land of painting. Consequently, sculpture, especially that of the 16th century, has been insufficiently explored. In Moving SculpturesAleksandra Lipińska presents a little-known chapter of the history of Netherlandish sculpture: the serial production of small-scale alabaster reliefs, altarpieces and statuettes in the workshops of Mechelen and Antwerp between c. 1525 and 1650. She gives the reader an insight into the rules of this craft, the specificity of the material, and the marketing methods employed. But the innovative element of this study lies in the fact that Lipińska analyses the phenomenon from the perspective of its distant recipients in Central and Northern Europe on the basis of works largely unknown to the broader public.

Aleksandra Lipińska, Ph.D. (2003), is a junior professor of the Art History of Central and Eastern Europe at the Technische Universität Berlin. She has published extensively on Early Modern sculpture as well as on the issues of artistic migration and material meaning.

Source : Brill Publishers

Publication – Thijs Weststeijn, Art and Antiquity in the Netherlands and Britain

Weststeijn Thijs, Art and Antiquity in the Netherlands and Britain. The Vernacular Arcadia of Franciscus Junius (1591-1677), Leiden, Brill Publishers, 2015, 470 pages. 


ISBN13: 9789004283619
ISSN : 1872-9932
Prix : €124

How did the classical tradition survive on the North Sea shores? This book explores the interplay between art and erudition in the seventeenth century. It analyses the sources, editions, and reception of Franciscus Junius’s writings to chart how ideas about Northern European painting, from Van Dyck to Rembrandt, developed as a counterweight to the Italian tradition. Thus the language of art in Junius’s The Painting of the Ancients appears to be related to his seminal work in the field of Germanic linguistics and his discovery of the shared pre-Christian civilization of Holland and England. Junius’s innovative pairing of scholarship to the painter’s practice illuminates the reception of antiquity and the creation of an Anglo-Dutch artistic Arcadia.

Thijs Weststeijn is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Amsterdam. He has published widely on seventeenth-century art and theory, including The Universal Art of Samuel van Hoogstraten (2013) and The Visible World (2008).

Source : Brill Publishers

Publication – Herzog Tamar, Frontiers of Possession. Spain and Portugal in Europe and the Americas

HERZOG Tamar, Frontiers of Possession. Spain and Portugal in Europe and the Americas, Cambridge (USA), Harvard UP, 2015, 400 pages

HARDCOVER – $35.00 • £25.95 • €31.50 – ISBN 9780674735385

Frontiers of Possession asks how territorial borders were established in Europe and the Americas during the early modern period and challenges the standard view that national boundaries are largely determined by military conflicts and treaties. Focusing on Spanish and Portuguese claims in the New and Old Worlds, Tamar Herzog reconstructs the different ways land rights were negotiated and enforced, sometimes violently, among people who remembered old possessions or envisioned new ones: farmers and nobles, clergymen and missionaries, settlers and indigenous peoples.

Questioning the habitual narrative that sees the Americas as a logical extension of the Old World, Herzog portrays Spain and Portugal on both sides of the Atlantic as one unified imperial space. She begins in the Americas, where Iberian conquerors had to decide who could settle the land, who could harvest fruit and cut timber, and who had river rights for travel and trade. The presence of indigenous peoples as enemies to vanquish or allies to befriend, along with the vastness of the land, complicated the picture, as did the promise of unlimited wealth. In Europe, meanwhile, the formation and re-formation of boundaries could last centuries, as ancient entitlements clashed with evolving economic conditions and changing political views and juridical doctrines regarding how land could be acquired and maintained.

Herzog demonstrates that the same fundamental questions had to be addressed in Europe and in the Americas. Territorial control was always subject to negotiation, as neighbors and outsiders, in their quotidian interactions, carved out and defended new frontiers of possession.

Tamar Herzog is Monroe Gutman Professor of Latin American Affairs and Radcliffe Alumnae Professor at Harvard University.

Source : Harvard University Press.

Publication – DELACOMPTEE J.-M., Passions. La Princesse de Clèves

Jean-Michel Delacomptée, Passions. La Princesse de Clèves, préface de Pierre Bayard, Arléa Collection, 2014, 168 p.

ISBN : 978-2-36308-069-1
EAN : 9782363080691
Prix : 17€


La Princesse de Clèves, roman de Madame de Lafayette, fut publié en mai 1678, sans nom d’auteur. 1558, la cour du roi Henri II, durant la dernière année de son règne. Mlle de Chartres a quinze ans lorsqu’elle paraît au Louvre. Le prince de Clèves, homme d’une grande droiture morale, tombe amoureux d’elle dès qu’il l’aperçoit. Ébloui par sa beauté, il la demande en mariage. Mlle de Chartres n’a aucune expérience de l’amour et l’épouse sans être amoureuse de lui. Alors qu’elle est mariée, la princesse de Clèves rencontre, à la cour, lors d’un bal, le duc de Nemours. Naît entre eux une passion immédiate et complexe qu’ils vivront l’un et l’autre dans le tourment, et qui tourmentera et éblouira lecteurs et écrivains jusqu’à nos jours.



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Publication – CALHOUN A., Montaigne and the Lives of the Philosophers

Alison Calhoun, Montaigne and the Lives of the Philosophers. Life Writing and Transversality in the Essais, Newark, University of Delaware Press, 2015, co-published with Rowman & Littlefield

EAN : 9781611494808
Prix: 70$


Présentation :

In his Essais, Montaigne stresses that his theoretical interest in philosophy goes hand in hand with its practicality. In fact, he makes it clear that there is little reason to live our lives according to doctrine without proof that others have successfully done so. Understanding Montaigne’s philosophical thought, therefore, means not only studying the philosophies of the great thinkers, but also the characters and ways of life of the philosophers themselves. The focus of Montaigne and the Lives of the Philosophers: Life Writing and Transversality in the Essais is how Montaigne assembled the lives of the philosophers on the pages of his Essais in order to grapple with two fundamental aims of his project: first, to transform the teaching of moral philosophy, and next, to experiment with a transverse construction of his self. Both of these objectives grew out of a dialogue with the structure and content in the life writing of Plutarch and Diogenes Laertius, authors whose books were bestsellers during the essayist’s lifetime.

Alison Calhoun est assistant professor de français à la Indiana University.

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